We need prayer!

I just wanted to thank everyone who is supporting us through prayer and finances. With only 10 weeks to go until our trip to Cambodia, there are many things that we need prayer for and we need alot of it. Here they are:

Prayer for the Children at the Orphanage:
*Please pray that the Christmas message that we are bringing them will stick and makes a lasting impact on these children.
*That their hearts become softer so that they will continuously be open to the gospel. Whether they have already accepted Jesus or are just learning about Him. Please pray that their hearts are filled with God’s love constantly and that they feel precious.
*For healing of any wounds they may have gotten from losing their parents or their parents giving them up. Please pray that they can overcome any obstacles while developing into a loving adult, including any traumatic experiences that haunt they have been through.
*Healing over any physical ailments they may have.
*For the older children who are reaching the age limit to stay in the orphanage. Life is usually very tough for these children once they are left to fend for themselves at a young age.

Prayer for the team

*Please pray that our hearts become prepared for the trip. That they become soft and that we start to feel more love and compassion for the children we will be serving.
*Please pray for team unity.
*That our dependence on God grows more and more as the trip comes to a near.
*For flexibility as the unexpected comes up during the trip.
*That we start to see more of God’s vision for this trip.
*Pray against any spiritual attacks that will come, because the enemy wants to impede whenever people are trying to advance the gospel or pursue God more.
*That we grow spiritually through quiet times and times spent preparing for this trip. And that we are stretched and refined during this process.
*Please pray for more and more desire to seek God.
* More trust and patience in God to meet our fundraising.

Prayer for New Life Church:

*Please pray that the staff and volunteers at New Life Church can shine the light into their hearts of these children everyday, even when it gets tough.
*That they have the energy and strength to take care of these children. Pray for the health of the members of the church who are involved in this ministry. That they get adequate rest and healing from sickness.
*That they are fed spiritually and that they are constantly refreshed so that they can provide and love on these children.
*That they are blessed financially so that they can continue to bless others with their resources.
*That revival happens at this church. One that spreads through their community and throughout the nation.
*That their lives and families are blessed.

Mystery Retreat

As far as I know, all Global X mission trips have some sort of retreat that they go on prior to going over seas.  Basically, its a get to know each other and team building exercise.  Most people I know absolutely love them and I am super excited looking forward to today’s retreat.  However I have no clue what we are about to do! Our trusty leaders, Tammy and Noelle, have planned it all under super secret hush.  The only thing we know is the destination and the time to meet.  How do we dress?  Don’t know.  Should we bring anything?  Not sure.  The suspense is killing me.  Luckily we are going to be meeting in about 30 minutes.  I am bringing my camera and a fun-loving spirit. 

What have we actually been told before hand…

Hey Everyone!
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!
This Saturday we will start at 10:47AM.  Be prepared to enjoy some fun together!  We will be wrapping up around 3PM!! We are looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!!!

 Exciting, huh!!