Mystery Retreat

As far as I know, all Global X mission trips have some sort of retreat that they go on prior to going over seas.  Basically, its a get to know each other and team building exercise.  Most people I know absolutely love them and I am super excited looking forward to today’s retreat.  However I have no clue what we are about to do! Our trusty leaders, Tammy and Noelle, have planned it all under super secret hush.  The only thing we know is the destination and the time to meet.  How do we dress?  Don’t know.  Should we bring anything?  Not sure.  The suspense is killing me.  Luckily we are going to be meeting in about 30 minutes.  I am bringing my camera and a fun-loving spirit. 

What have we actually been told before hand…

Hey Everyone!
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!
This Saturday we will start at 10:47AM.  Be prepared to enjoy some fun together!  We will be wrapping up around 3PM!! We are looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!!!

 Exciting, huh!!

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