Unwanted and Thrown Away

Two weeks ago, at this outreach event we were blessed with a precious gift. As our group was driving away, we saw the other members of our group looking down at something on the ground. What had they discovered? What they were looking at? Shortly afterwards, we got the news that they found a puppy and to pray for it. When we met up with them, to my surprise, we found out the puppy was a newborn. As they were walking down the street, they heard wimpering coming from inside of a box. So they went to check it out. At first they were a little scared because they thought it could have been a baby. I would have thought the same because of all the abandoned babies you hear about in the news. But it was a tiny puppy in a box and a hamburger(so random). He was so fresh out of the oven that he was still rocking his umbilical cord. He couldn’t even open his eyes. So defenseless and cold. He was so cute, small enough to fit in your hand. Black with brown spots. Some of our members guessed that he was probably a pit bull or boxer.

Who would have done such a thing? The person who put it out there obviously didn’t care that much. Or did they? I mean if you didn’t care, they wouldn’t have even bothered to put him in a box outside for someone to feel compassion for him and take him home. Did they put the hamburger in the box for him to eat? Or was it someone passing by? Whoever it was, obviously had no idea that they might as well have put a rock in there because there was no way he could have consumed a hamburger. They had it all wrapped in a beanie and a t-shirt to keep it warm. He kept trying to wiggle out to seek even more warmth. All he wanted was to be with mommy. Anyways, the group bought some regular milk for him at a convenience store because it was late and nothing else was open. As they were leaving the place, a man shouted, “Do you want a baby bottle for the puppy?” and went and bought baby bottle for him. Its so cool when strangers feel compassion and act on it. The puppy continued to drink milk in small quantities. One of the ladies took it home because she knew a vet who could take care of it until it became old enough to survive on its own with the hopes that someone adopts him. I found out the other week that the puppy is nursing with some surrogate mother dogs and is doing much better. That’s so awesome how God hooked that up. His name is David(Little King David) and fittingly the tshirt, the hat ,and the bottle were all purple. Although little David was thrown away to fend for himself, he was found and rescued to be given another chance. How much more does God love his children than someone who finds a thrown away puppy? The children we are going to serve were also abandoned by their parents, because they didn’t want them or couldn’t afford them. Like the puppy, they may have been dropped off at the orphanage or left to fend for themselves on the streets in the hopes that someone would be able to take care of them better than they could. These children probably feel like they are unwanted or thrown away. Each one deserves to be fed milk and be wrapped in a t-shirt to be kept them warm. Each one of them is precious and deserves a surrogate mother who will feed, love, and take care of them. Each one of them was designed by God and has a specific purpose. As we get closer to our trip, please pray that the absence of love that they didn’t get from their parents, be filled by the only love that can replace it, the love of Jesus. And that they can heal from pain they have experienced, which will likely be a lifelong process. That our hearts break more for these children as well. Please pray that each one of these children gets the love and attention they deserve from the workers at the orphanage and hopefully someone can adopt them to take care of them.


3 thoughts on “Unwanted and Thrown Away

  1. I have asked my daughter, Anna, and her husband, Zach, why Cambodia for a mission trip. This story explains it all. It has such personal meaning for our family and our children. Our prayers will follow you to this far point of the earth to bring Love and joy to this orphanage. Suffer the little children to come unto Me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Traveling mercies!
    Vilda Brannen

  2. Prayers follow you as you make your way across the globe. May God bless and protect each of you as you travel today and tonight. Prayers for sleep and rest so that you arrive in Cambodia refreshed and ready to serve.
    Vilda Brannen

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