Team Davis

Hey everybody, we wanted to introduce ourselves as members of the Cambodia team. We are the Davises: Elloa and Mike. We enjoy long walks on the beach and talking at length about how in love we are. 🙂 Just kiddin;, we are definitely in love, but we’re not that nauseating about it. We are, however, crazy excited about this trip, about being a part of this team, and about experiencing this together. What Elloa is most looking forward to is spending quality time with and loving on some amazing kids. What Mike is most looking forward to is teaching kids about how they fit into God’s big story of creation.

Some things you can pray about specifically for the Davises: home and work details we have to take care of before we leave. Please pray that these things will get taken care of and not distract us as we prepare our hearts for this trip.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your prayers and support. We would not be able to take this trip without a support base of awesome family and friends.


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