Hey All!  My name is Kristie and I have to say I am ultra excited about this trip!!  My favorite time of year is Christmas so the fact that I can share the miracle of Jesus’ birth with the children in Cambodia as well as the people of the surrounding community is very exciting for me!!  How much do I love Christmas??  Well, other than the fact that it’s when my Savior was born, I also have 2 Christmas trees up in my 1 bedroom apartment and they have been up since Halloween.  Don’t hate, you know you’re jealous!
What else do you need to know about me in one paragraph or less?  Well, I’m probably the high maintenance one.  I was the one who asked about my hair dryer when we were talking about packing.  Yea, I’m that girl.  My roomie will be Lisa and we will have a blast.  I manage the employee computers at Buckhead Church and I heart my job.  I just got a papillion named Preston this year and my parents took him up to Michigan to watch him while I’m gone.  And I have the most amazing family and friends in the world.
Thank you all so much for prayers and financially partnership, we seriously wouldn’t be able to do this mission with out everyone who helped out and I am forever grateful!!
Cambodia, here we come!!!

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