Today was a true blessing. Although, it started out with Zach getting sick unexpectedly, but it still turned out to be an amazing day. I was way cool because today we talked about the “Big Picture” and how they were also a part of the big picture and afterwards we took their pictures and printed them for this rainbow craft. Games were silly and got the kids really excited. I know there is one memorable moment which will get blogged shortly with pictures, so I am going to be proactive. We played a game in which 2 people hold hands and try to tag people. Stuart and I were it. Definitely, the first time and hopefully the last time, I’ve ever hold a guys hand and run. This was a really awesome day of bonding with these children. We’re already so attached to them and they’ve even given us gifts, which is so moving because they have nothing. Something that has really struck me during this trip, is the way these kids treat each other. They share extremely well behaved, the older ones watch after the younger ones, and they are so loving and generous. They also know so much about the Bible and have alot of love. I really feel like New Life Church is doing an excellent job of teaching these Children the Love of Christ. There are so many moments in which I get choked up and remember how awesome God’s love is. Dominick, Elloa, and Kristie, acted out some bible stories, which were hilarious. The ended with meeting up with Zach, Anna, and Tammy again at the hotel. Praise God that Zach is feeling better. Please keep him in your prayers. Afterwards, we had to saygoodbye to our awesome driver and brother Phillip, who serves at New LIfe Church. So this was just Monday! Hoping tomorrow is going to be even more awesome:). Sorry if the post has errors, I’m fighting to stay awake right now.


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