In Korea

We have made it as far as Korea and we have a couple hours to kill
before jumping on the next plane to Atlanta. I think we “left it all
on the field” because we are all exhausted by happy.

Other people are posting pictures of our past few days and I have to
say our time in Cambodia was amazing!! God is so good!! I feel so
lucky to have been a part of this team and to be able to travel 1/2
way around the world to love on some amazing children and to share the
story of Jesus. Lisa and I kept commenting on the disbelief of being
so far away from home but feeling right at home. Not only were the
children wonderful, all the adults that we worked with were amazing
too. They were such gracious hosts and made me feel so comfortable
and very taken care of. I couldn't have asked for more. It's like God
planned it or something ;). Maybe He will call me back here again
someday. I would come back in a New York minute!!

Please pray for the last leg of our trip home and that God will
continue to teach us even after we arrive back on American soil.


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