That’s the only way to describe these past 2 days. Yesterday we hung out w/ the kids most of the day. We taught them a Bible story and did skits to drive home the purpose; we decorated pillowcases, began our “Olympic” tournament, and gave (and received) TONS of hugs. The best part, for me at least, was at the end of the day, when one of the kids asked, in English, if we were coming back later. Vannak, the orphanage director said, “Yes!” and the kids all went wild. They always say, “See you tomorrow” REPEATEDLY as we leave each day; but as soon as they found out we were coming back, they started saying, “See you tonight.” What a cool moment.
So after dinner and showers, we came back to the orphanage and set up “movie night.” The kids all got cracker jacks, glow necklaces & bracelets, and glow-in-the-dark “Kanye” shutter shades. They had an absolute blast. We watched “The Incredibles,” sitting on the floor together in a big pile. The kids laughed hysterically at all the right parts. They really seemed to enjoy the movie even while not understanding the slower dialogue parts. The funniest part of the night was all of us adults falling asleep. The kids kept bringing us pillows, and once when Joe tried to sit up, the kids around him pushed him back down and told him to sleep.
Today we did more Bible stories, more Olympic relays, made LOTS of jewelry, and did LOTS of playing. At the orphanage, no one really makes jewelry for themselves, but everyone ends the day weighted down by beads and lanyards. The kids rarely wear something they’ve made themselves. Pretty much everything they make is given to one of us. So we try as best we can to return the favor so they have gifts to remember us by.
Right now everyone’s enjoying a bit of free time in the city. Tomorrow we’ll spend literally the entire day w/ the kids. We’re taking them to dinner at “Lucky Seven,” a fast food place in the city. They have no idea; we’re going to make it a surprise! I can’t wait to see their reaction when, instead of leaving at the end of the day, they get in the vans w/ us to go to dinner! I hope we can do it justice when we tell those stories later. 


One thought on “Whirlwind

  1. Thanks for all the posts! It's amazing to hear how children in such circumstances are so loving and giving .. even when they desire to spend time with you (to let you rest)!

    Praying for safe travels on the return.

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