Dtae bey kae!!! (only three months!)

Srey Het, Srey Chea, Kim Chaii, Me, Srey Nath, Srey Mom

(Srey means “girl” in Khmer!)

Knom chmuah Srey Lindsay! (My name is Lindsay!) I am currently a middle school LA teacher and was a former Children’s Pastor, so I’ve always loved kids. I recently went sky-diving as something to check off of my “Turning 30 yrs old Bucket List” and I’ve got a few more things to do in the next three months before moving to Cambodia for awhile. I am so incredibly excited about the people God has brought together on this team and I know that I will be blessed by them all as we prepare to fly across the world. I also know that the kids will be incredibly blessed by them as well. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us, because His plans are always so much greater than ours! I can’t wait until July!

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