Prayers – Week #1

Leading up to the mission trip all of the members of the team will be praying for different people at the orphanage each week.  I thought maybe you would also want to join in on the prayers.

Lindsay had the best idea that we pray for the children in family groups. So here are the pictures of the children that we are praying for this week.  Their parents are divorced and their father abandoned the family and left the mother to care for four children. Their mother left the children with neighbors and told them that she was going to the city in the hopes of finding a job – their mother was never heard from again. The neighbors were extremely poor and could not provide the children with adequate food, shelter or a means for education. They attempted to find other relatives who could look after the children and although a grandmother was located, she was also unable to provide for the children. Because of this, the neighbors brought the children to the orphanage so their daily needs could be met.

Srey Heng – 10 years old

Kim Chhai – 12 years old.  Still needs one more sponsor.

Srey Het – 8 years old

Sienghai – 11 years old

Please pray for the continued financial support that provides a home, food, and education to the children. That they would have safety, good health, and feel the love of Christ in the hearts.  And whatever else you want to pray for these amazing kids!

XOXO, Kristie


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