Hello from the Browns . . .

Stuart and Noelle here.

It’s true – between the two of us we have exactly one head of hair. Look closely, it will make sense. So, Cambodia, huh? Well, we have to start by saying that we are blown away by what New Life is accomplishing across Cambodia and are grateful to play a small part in supporting them. We are so blown away that by the end of July we will have collectively been to Cambodia 5 times (N – 3 times, S – twice).
Of course we also love the kids – but that is like saying Chickfila is phenomenal. In other words, it’s stating the obvious. Their joy is contagious, their smiles infectious and their love unconditional. Clearly, we were hooked the first time we met them.
So here’s a couple things about us: Noelle loves to cook, play at the beach, take pictures and create order out of chaos. Stuart enjoys eating, playing in the mountains, being in pictures and creating chaos out of order. All in all, we are a great match enjoying our first year of marriage. We are excited to be on this journey with a talented, beautiful and creative team that will fast become family in the weeks and months to come.

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