Prayers – Week #2

Thank you so much for your prayers last week!! Here are the prayer requests for week two.  I’ll also add some background info on the children this week…

Srey Leap is 18 years old.  She was living with her father in a remote area of Cambodia until he unexpectedly passed away. She had been told that her mother lived in the city of Phnom Penh, so for three days she walked from the countryside to the city and began a futile search to find her mother. She lived along the streets in Phnom Penh and resorted to begging and digging through trash to find food. A restaurant owner eventually found her and brought her to orphanage.  She also needs to have 1 more sponsor
Srey Mom is 11 years old.  Her parents are both deceased and after their deaths she was sent to live with her grandmother. The grandmother also passed away and although there were a few other relatives in the area, none of them had the means to care for Srey Mom. Because of this, Srey Mom was brought to the orphanage. 
Lik is 12 years old.  His father is deceased and his mother is a drug addict who showed little interest in caring for her children. An older brother attempted to look after Lik and his sister, but he could not provide them with enough food or an opportunity to continue their studies. Because he could not properly care for his siblings, Lik’s brother brought them to the orphanage in order that they would have a better life.  Lik also needs one more sponsor.

Srey Lin is 11 years old and is Lik’s sister

Please pray for the continued financial support that provides a home, food, and education to the children. And that sponsors would come forward for the children who don’t have sponsors. Also, that they would have safety, good health, and feel the love of Christ in the hearts. And whatever else you want to pray for these amazing kids!

XOXO, Kristie

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