Fallen Sparrow

When people go to Cambodia, God seems to change their life.  He wrecks lives… in a great way!  I can say that is true for me, for sure!  If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a kid person… I mean, the first time I ever babysat was about 2 weeks ago, I haven’t volunteered at Buckhead Church in any children environments and most of my friends are single.

But two years ago I knew I needed to go on a mission trip.  As I looked thru the Global X list, which is huge, I knew the trip I was to go on… Christmas at a Cambodian Orphanage.  I fought it, I mean, I don’t relate to kids.  I told God he must be wrong.  But in the end He was right.  And now I continue to go back, now for my third time.

But I’m not the only one with a story like this.  A story about God really laying heavy something on my heart that is breaking his.  Another amazing story is of Fallen Sparrow.

In July of 2008, a team from Buckhead Church traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia with a desire to help orphans halfway around the world. Little did they know that their lives would be changed forever. Upon returning from Cambodia in 2008, Carol McKown and others from her mission team felt a strong desire to do more. Carol founded the Fallen Sparrow Foundation in the Fall of 2008 as a way to financially, physically and prayerfully support the three New Life orphanages in Cambodia. God placed a passion in our hearts for these children and it is our mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus and provide for them in whatever way possible.

It’s in large part because of Fallen Sparrow that the children of the New Life Orphanages are able to be sponsored.  And because of that, the orphanages are able to stay open.  It wasn’t long ago that they were contemplating shutting down due to lack of finances.  But God is good!

Please pray with us about the leaders of New Life Church in Cambodia, for the people who support sponsoring (Fallen Sparrow and BrightPoint For Children), and for the people on the trip.  Pray that God would give us wisdom to know what to do and the courage to always do it.


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