Beautiful Thing

On Good Friday, Buckhead Church did an amazing service taking us from creation to the cross.  They talked about how God knew what would happen on the day Jesus died, all the way back to the garden, he knew what he was doing.  And to end the service, the following song was sung:

I have been fortunate enough to have heard this song before and when I do hear it, it is stuck in my head forever.  What a great song to be stuck in my head right?!??!

Well, since Good Friday, I have been thinking a lot about Cambodia and I remember the dust.  There is so much of it and when I’m there it seems to stick to me.  But, when I come home I don’t concentrate on that at all.  I remember the beauty… in the children, in the country, and in what God is doing over there.  God is there, I can see his hand prints over it.

Hope is springing up from this old ground

Out of chaos life is being found in You

You make beautiful things

You make beautiful things out of the dust

XOXO, Kristie


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