First time blogger!

Okay, so this is my first time blogging. I feel as though I feel as though I have been missing out on something huge. This is great!

Well, a little about me…most recently, my world has been a little foggy due to me losing a very important person in my life. Last week, I lost my grandmother, who was practically a second mother to my sister and me. She and my grandfather helped my mom raise us when my parents got divorced when I was entering my 5th grade year. She was an amazing woman, my prayer partner, and my best friend. She truly taught me about God’s love and grace and continually reminded me to always put my trust in God. We celebrated her life but mainly her glorification in which she finally was able to meet our heavenly father! I truly miss but find great comfort knowing that I will see her again!
Another note about me is I love to stay and I love being outdoors. I started running competitively about 5 years. In my attempt to accomplish smaller races, moving onto half marathons. I decided to attempt the impossible and run a marathon. So, with much prayer, I challenged myself to run the Marine Corps marathon in DC. Needless to say, I survived with a smile on my tired and exhausted face…
Lastly, another tid bit of info about me is that I LOVE my family…especially my 1 year niece. Lord, help me when another baby comes into our family. I don’t know what Lydia will do when she has to share the spotlight. She is a delight and a pure joy to be around…hence the picture I included πŸ™‚
I am also excited about the opportunity to share this blog with my fellow team members going to Cambodia. I can’t wait for our trip, especially meeting the incredible kids from the orphanage…ready, set, let’s go!

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