One of my good friends, Kamaria, has offered to support the team by sending us encouragement letters. She has been emailing them to me and a few others weekly. I thought it would be good for everyone to see. If you would like to join her in sending us encouragement leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

Leaving Egypt
During this season of Lent God ministered to me powerfully about leaving Egypt. Provision was made for the Israelites to to leave Egypt, but they had to physically leave Egypt to receive their blessing. Exodus 13:1-14. Not only that the only people that actually entered the promised land were those that had a changed mindset. Even Moses himself did not enter, but died before receiving the promise because of his anger issues
Deuteronomy 32:48-52. As you read throughout Exodus, several people in Moses’ Generation died off in the Desert because of idolatry,murmuring, complaining, and unbelief even though tremendous miracles were done on their behalf. It wasn’t until  40 years after they first started to wander in the desert when those with corrupted mindsets died off that Joshua led the Israelites to fight the battle of Jericho and actually enter the promised land. Joshua 6:15-16.
Bishop Wellington Boone once said God can not deliver you from your friends he can only deliver you from your enemies. If you have embraced sin or a wrong mindset and have not come to a place where you step out of your comfort zone to hate sin then that is your friend.
The bondages of slavery have been broken but we have to leave our Egypt and change our mind about whatever is hindering us to receive the fullness of Christ.
What is your Egypt ? insecurity? Fear?Lust? Bad Company that hurts you emotionally, spiritually, or physically? jealousy? fits of anger or wrath? Pride? 
It can be painful to walk away from these things because the wrong mindset or sin can be a “comfort” because you know no other way. Even those behaviors that you know are destructive produce fear in your heart at the thought of leaving them behind. I have experienced, however, that when you can walk away from your Egypt and embrace more of the mindset in Christ you experience a true freedom unlike any other.  John 8:36
Ephesians 1:19-21 says that  we have the same power in us that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. let us fully embrace this power and pray for and receive the courage to walk away from what ever is keeping us from experiencing the fullness of the ressurection. Let us keep what Jesus did on the cross in our hearts throughout the year!!
If you know someone that would like to be on the list for these messages send me thier email and I will add them.
God bless you, and have a good week!
Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!  XOXO, Kristie 

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