Prayers – Round #3

Here are the children we are praying for this round:

Srey Mean – 9 years old

Srey Mean’s father is deceased and although her mother is employed as a part time house cleaner, her income is extremely low and she seldom is able to provide for her own needs. Srey Mean and her sister were sent to live with their grandmother, but she was also unable to provide her grandchildren with enough food and could not afford to send them to school. Because of this, Srey Mean and her sister were brought to the orphanage so that they would be properly cared for.

Srey Chea – 11 years old – Srey Mean’s sister

Srey Mean and Srey Mom’s sister is Hanna, who is the orphanage “Mom.”

Srey Mom (big) – 15 years old

Srey Mom’s parents are divorced and her father and mother abandoned her after they separated. An aunt attempted to look after her, but she was too poor to provide her with food or a means of continuing her studies. Her aunt brought her to the orphanage in order that she would be properly cared for.

Narin – 11years old – Srey Mom (big)’s half-brother

Narin’s parents are divorced and neither of his parents could provide him with proper care. He was unable to continue going to school and on most days had very little to eat. Relatives eventually brought Narin to the orphanage so he would have a chance at a better life.


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