More encouragement…

Here is some more encouragement from my good friend Kamaria…

For today I wanted to focus on keeping a heart of contiual praise and worship. I have known and been excited about sharing this with you for a couple of weeks. As I was thinking and preparing what to say I was tested in this area, and these are my thoughts and observations.

Worship as a Battle Strategy

Rejoice in the Lord Always and Again I say rejoice (Philipians 4:4) If this was the first thing I read as a new believer I probably would have just packed it all up and went home. I would think that Paul was a serious crack addict because there is no way to keep rejoicing in any and and every circumstance. Even today when I am going through some things I am not always there. This rejoicing scripture comes to mind when I am going through things and some days I receive it, other days it feels like someone took their fingernails and dragged them down a chalkboard. You can get distracted with the storms of life and even with things happening that just irritate you. I don’t know, say you work for a well known women’s clothing store and thirty minutes after you close the night before Easter your manager lets in a very inconsiderate client who tears through piles of newly folded clothes leaving such a mess on the sales floor and in her dressing room . This helps to delay your departure time by about 40 minutes. ” Hey lady you want to see how much Jesus I really have!! Lock n’ load!! (clink -clink!!) (Ok, so I didn’t really say that but I did not have the attitude of rejoicing that night. I still need so much more of Jesus.)

God used a stranger to encourage me and keep me focused on him On Wednesday of last week. I was crying riding home on the train and just couldn’t stop my tears. A man took off his shades and put them on me to shield my eyes so others wouldn’t see me cry. He said some encouraging words and then shared with me what he was going through. He had just found out two days ago his wife was in love with another man. I was stunned as he told me his story, he actually met the man and his wife left with him that night after ten years of marriage. You never know the ins and outs of someone’s relationship, but what struck me was that I didn’t sense any bitterness. He was obvously hurt but he had released it to God. He even was saying how he could have been a better husband and not worked so hard, but taken time out to care for her emotional needs. I felt such a sense of calm as he continued to point everything back to God. Please keep him in your prayers his name is Dustin. I didn’t feel led to stay in contact with him but to pray for him to cross paths with a strong man of God to help him through this storm. What I want to share is that Dustin has tapped into the principle that I am striving toward and want to share with you today, the idea of worship being a battle strategy.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is how Jehoshapat fights a battle with praise and worship. No one raises a weapon but as they worship God fights the battle for them. this is found in 2nd Chronicles 20 1-29 focusing on verses 20-24. On the days I grasp hold of this message I can definitely see results. The Joy of the Lord is indeed our strength. Nehemiah 8:10 That is why the enemy fights so hard to keep us bogged down with the cares of this world and focused on ourselves. He knows that if we grasp ahold of this principle that we will be unstoppable. The more we yeild to God, Satan can’t stick around, he has to leave. James 4:7.Β 

My prayer is that God continues to work in all our lives to get a deeper revelation into what happens when we worship and to strive to be so connected and confident in Christ that we will be able to keep an attitude of rejoicing in every situation know God has already fought and won our battle.
Today I wanted to include one of my favorite worship songs from one of my favorite praise teams of all time, Israel and New Breed. The song is Called Rejoice in The Lord Always. I couldn’t find footage of them worshipping, but the audio portion from this slide show is pretty good.

God bless you and have a good week!!!



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