Additional prayer request

Alex, who currently lives in Cambodia full time, just sent an email out for prayer request for Srey Mom (big). If you remember back to this post she was just on our list of children that we are currently praying for at the orphanage.  I don’t have all of the details but I can say for sure she needs our prayers.

Here is some of what I do know.  The children who are at the orphanage come from a rough background, at best.  These children were, more than likely, living on the streets before joining the orphanage.  Unlike America, there are not shelters or assistance.  And, anyone who has baggage can tell you that your past follows you into your present.  That being said, Srey Mom has had a few rebellious outbursts that have gotten her in trouble before.  Apparently, she had such an outburst that Pastor Vek (the pastor of New Life Church and head of all the orphanages under the New Life umbrella in Cambodia – there are 3) decided she needed to be removed from the orphanage.  They contacted her aunt (who is the wife of the pastor who was the director of the orphanage in Kampong Chhnang) and she came and took Mom to live with them. Pastor Vek told Alex that he still intends to provide support for Srey Mom every month and that they will look into bringing her back to the orphanage at some point – just not sure when that will be.
Srey Mom is such a beautiful girl with a really great heart.  I know many people who have gone to Cambodia on a mission trip who have fallen in love with her spirit.  I know that I will miss her in July if she is not there but I fully trust and support Pastor Vek’s leadership decisions and I know he knows what is best for her and for the rest of the children at the orphanage.
Please keep Srey Mom in your prayers as well as her aunt and uncle who are caring for her. Hopefully they will be able to talk to her about the problems she is having and help her to understand why it is best for her to be in the orphanage.

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