Restoration – Another Letter of Encouragement

Last week as I was wrapping up my email I was trying to think of what to speak on next. Immediately the word restoration flashed in my mind. What I didn’t know was that God was going to work on that area in my life this week. I’ve always struggled with having to be perfect. until I met you guys I could only be surface friends with people for fear that people would see who I really was. I’ve known by faith that God has made me a new creature, (2nd cor 5:17) but when thoughts from my past would come to mind it was almost as if I was slamming into a wall. By having authentic community and being able to share my heart with other believers and learning to be transparent I have been chipping away at that wall. This week God completely tore it down and I want to share these thoughts.

Do you remember the show Extreme Makeover where they take a person and make them almost unrecognizable? That’s what God does to us when we come to him. The blood that flowed from his side at Calvary covers us. He not only takes away our sins, but any fear, guilt, and shame associated with them. Our spirit man becomes unrecognizable, and we begin the process of being completely transformed to reflect the image of Christ. We will probably never know what God did for us that day, he has set us free!! The word of God says he who the son has set free is free indeed. (John 8:36)Β 

Let’s take a look at Isaiah 61-1-4. I love the whole passage but these verses focus in on what God has done for us. He has given us beauty for ashes. God has not only resurrected your spirit, but the things in your life that were torn down and destroyed from what you have done and what others have done to you. You are completely restored!! You may not see the physical manifestation of your victory and your freedom right away but as Jesus said with his dying breath on the Cross it is finished! (John 19:30)
Even if you feel your life is as hopeless as the valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37: 1-11. God has done something miraculous. In this passage God shows Ezekiel a valley of scattered human bones. he goes beyond Ezekiel’s faith and gives him the words to speak to the bones and the bones not only form skeletons, but they receive flesh and life again. amazing story. No matter how desolate your situation, he can give you the words that will bring healing and life to whatever you are going through. The tough part is hanging in there until the change comes. There’s an old Baptist song that speaks of peace in the valley, probably based on that scripture from the Psalm 23:4.

Isaiah 61 also talks about restoration so that you can help rebuild ruins and waste places. I can think of no better commissioning scripture as you prepare to go to Cambodia. I pray that God would give you a revelation of freedom in him, and that you would be filled with overwhelming joy. If you are haunted by anything from your past I pray that God would give you the words and insight to crucify those thoughts in your head that you might experience a true resurrection of the mind.

The song this week is For Every Mountain By Kurt Karr and the Kurt Karr Singers. This is a true worship song. I get chills when I hear it and I hope you are truly blessed. As usual I have no idea how to connect the youtube video, but here is the address.Β 

God Bless you, and have a good week!! -Kamaria

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