Prayers Round 5…

Here are the 4 children we are praying for this week:

Paly – age 11 – Both of Paly’s parents are deceased. His mother died after suffering a fainting spell and his father was killed when he slipped and fell down a staircase. An older brother attempted to look after Paly, but he was extremely poor and was never able to find a job which would have provided him with the money to care for his brother. Because of his, he brought Paly to the orphanage so that he would have food and could also continue with his studies.

Picching – age 14 – Pichhing’s parents are both deceased and he was living with relatives who were extremely poor. Knowing that they could not provide Pichhing with proper food or education, his relatives brought him to the orphanage so he would have a better life

Polin – age 14 – Polin’s parents are divorced and her father left for Thailand to find work and never returned home. Polin moved with her mother and brother into their grandmother’s house, but she was very poor and was unable to provide for the family. The grandmother brought Polin and her brother to the orphanage so they would have food and could also continue with their studies.
David – age 15 – Polin’s brother


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