We are in the middle of our fundraising efforts and we are so grateful for all who have decided to partner with us.  Last night we had a fundraising event that went really, really well!  I, or someone on the team, will hopefully upload a few pictures of the event soon but in the meantime I wanted to update everyone with an email sent out to the team from our leaders:

We know most of you wake up very tired this morning. We hope that you also woke up very proud! We pulled off an incredible evening! Thanks so much for all you guys did to make it happen. From ironing sheets, to blowing up balloons, writing trivia questions, pouring water, washing dishes, trips to wal-mart, inviting friends and family – well, you get the picture: we did a lot! THANK YOU for partnering so well to create an incredible environment where people had the chance to laugh, to connect and to hear about God’s story in Cambodia.
I was thinking this morning that b/c of last night our lives as teammates are even more “tangled” b/c our friends and family had a chance to spend an evening eating dinner together. It’s so awesome to think that Christina’s family got to meet Noelle’s friends who got to meet Jen’s family who got to meet Kristie’s friends who got to meet Melanie’s family and on and on and on.

So, because several of us took off a bit early to help with the “finding Pelham” effort (as Kristie mentioned earlier, Pelham came home this morning), we didn’t get a chance to celebrate as a team. We’ll correct that moving fwd. Until then, here are a few things to  celebrate:
  • Lives impacted: 45 including ours.
  • Fist bumps and high fives: 743
  • Ice teas filled: 103
  • Waters filled: 121
We use this word a great deal, but last night was amazing. It was not amazing b/c of the money raised, however (and we raised a lot). It was amazing b/c last night we truly became a team. We learned to work with each other when we were stressed. We learned to give each other grace when we would have done a task a different way. We learned to trust each other when communication wasn’t perfect. In short, we learned that as a team we can accomplish so much more than we can as a group of individuals. Let’s hold on to this thought as we move fwd so that we can continue to revel in lots and lots of AMAZINGNESS!

We are so grateful to be on the journey with you guys!
-Stuart & Noelle

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on the journey.  Please pray that we continue to grow and come together as a team.  That all the busyness of our daily lives around us doesn’t distract us from our mission in Cambodia.  And that we keep our hearts open to God and to the Cambodians during the entire journey!!

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