Last night was our team’s fundraiser dinner. Wow…. I was blown away from the preparation beforehand to the willingness of the team to make it happen to the attendees who gave generously to our trip. The day started at 3:30 for the team with excitement running high. We were unsure exactly how many would actually show up and expected 20-25 people. The tables were set up outside with beautiful centerpieces featuring pictures of the children from the orphanage in Cambodia along with artwork and other things made by the kids. The dinner was prepared by one of our team leaders Noelle and her uncle who is a chef in Atlanta. Needless to say, people were raving about the food. We had Caesar salad, grilled chicken and roasted ribeye with sautéed onions and mushrooms, zucchini boats stuffed with spinach and cheesy goodness, Yorkshire pudding, and a chilled chocolate bowl filled with tiramisu mousse. Yum! I got the chance to be a server for an evening, and I have much more respect for those who wait tables! My feet were killing me by the end of the night! Our team was blown away by the attendance. We had 31 guests who came to support us. With the extra people, we were running a little short on food! It was so cool to see the team come together and conquer the challenges of the evening. Our team leader Stuart compared this event to our “preseason” game before our big trip in a little over a month. I loved this comparison because we were able to see how we performed together as a team. We did a lot of hard work, but we had a lot of fun! By the end of the night our friends and family were able to hear more about Cambodia and our trip, partner with us in impacting the lives of orphans, and become a part of God’s work in Phnom Penh for His Kingdom. Thanks to these wonderful people our team was able to raise a considerable amount of money for our trip. We are so extremely grateful for all who were able to come, for those who have already given in other ways, for those who plan to give, and for those who have been praying for our team! It’s all for Him, and we are grateful for your support that allows us to follow God’s call on our lives!


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