Meet Sam Sam!!!

‘Same same but different’ is a typical Khmer saying.  Well, when Sam introduced himself to my team last year he said his name is Sam, like “Sam Sam but different.”  Just to give you a glimpse into his personality.

Sam was one of our amazing translators last year.  He is Khmer and is a full time missionary for New Life Church working with the college ministry.  He recently told Erin, one of my teammates last year and a great friend I have made on the mission trip, that he loves working in the college ministry because “if we change college students today, tomorrow Cambodia will change.”

He also told Erin why he loves having the mission teams come to the orphanage.  He said that we are superheros to the kids.  That the love we bring helps to break all of their problems.  We are able to show God’s love to children who are in need of seeing it.  In the end, I think all of the adults who go on the trip would say that the children are OUR superheros!

Forever all of our lives are changed for the better.  Please pray for Sam and all of the challenges he faces as an in country missionary.  Please pray for the students that he leads, that they come to know Christ as he does, and that they will bring Christianity into mainstream in Cambodia.

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