Prayers Round 9…

Davan – age 16 – Davan’s mother and father are both deceased and he was living with his grandmother who was extremely poor. She attempted to find other relatives who could look after Davan and his brother, but no one was able to help support them, so she brought them to the orphanage

Seyla – age 18 – brother of Davan

Raksmey – age 14 – Raksmey’s parents are divorced and his father moved away after the divorce and has not been heard from since. Raksmey’s mother was too poor to care for him, so she left him with his aunt and grandmother in the hopes they could provide his needs. His relatives, however, were also very poor and were unable to give him the care he needed. Therefore, they brought him to the orphanage so that he would be cared for on a daily basis.

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