Counting down…

Can you believe how close the trip is getting???  I’m extremely lucky that I’m able to go back for the 3rd time and I’m going to be able to go early.  I’m all sorts of excited but I keep waking up in a cold sweat (ok, the sweating part may be because I live in Atlanta and have yet to turn on the air… I just say I’m preparing for Cambodia 😉 ) that I am going to forget something.  I’ve had numerous dreams that I completely forgot to pack, I can’t get a ride to the airport, I didn’t get medication that I need and the pharmacy has closed, etc. Luckily after I take a few deep breaths I am able to say a quick prayer reminding myself that God is in control and that even without the aforementioned things I will still be able to get to on the plane over.

But, I’m sure if you talk to every one of my team members they are struggling with something to make them fell ill-prepared or not ready to go.  So, please keep us all in your prayers I know we need them now just as much as every other day.


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