What an amazing day!! God is GOOD!!! Seriously, the situation that happened yesterday was cleared up in the best way I think could be possible and right at the beginning of our day… which means by the time we walked down the narrow little road to the orphanage we were good to play!

And, we found out half way thru the day that we wouldn’t have to leave at 1pm like originally planned… that their school for the afternoon had been canceled so we got to go back and watch a movie with them.  It was an amazingly fun day and luckily for you I have just enough energy to add some pictures:

Samnang Big

Kristie & Narin

Kristie, Kim, Pony, and Narin

Srey Leap and Srey Mom

Kristie & Seinghai

Kristie & Narin

Paly, Kristie & Rathannak

Kristie & Rathannak

Kristie & Pichhing

Narin on his way to lunch

Chhen at the lunch table

Kristie & Rathannak working on a puzzle

Bunny Ears!

Polin & Kristie


Samnang big & Davin

Samnang big

We mostly stayed inside because it was so hot… really… if I’m saying it was hot, it was HOT!! Teammates get prepared!!  But, we made jewelry, goofed off, played with puzzles, and watched Toy Story 3.  Fun stuff!!

I still can’t express how blessed I am…


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