Can’t beat the days here!! I have some pretty good video taken by the kids but its hard to upload on wifi.
  Both us adults and the kids were seemingly pretty sleepy when we first got there so it was pretty low key… coloring, relaxing, and (for some of the kids… lucky) sleeping!  After lunch we fed the kids some sugar and  they went wild!  The boys kept trapping me and tickling me.  Srey Kim was taking video of herself saying “video.” And the girls would target Rebekah and Kristen for their tickling.

We were only at the orphanage this AM which means we were able to spend some time with two missionaries / English teachers that Alex knows… and they were super fun!! Kristen and Rebekah are planning on seeing their orphanage (a hour + from ours) on Monday.

Here are some pictures:

Kristen & Het


Seyla & Pony

Samnang Big

Alex & Lik

Srey Heng
Polin & David

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