My team should have landed!! I’m waiting to hear from Alex that I can go meet them.  It’s been a pretty busy day (we got to the orphanage around 8:30am and left around 7:30pm) so I’m tired but excited about what is to come next… hopefully you’ll be getting more posts from other people!!!

In the meantime, here are a few pics from the day…

Fishing using Snails for “Bait”

Narin cleaning up for lunch

Boys from all 3 orphanages (Paly & Samnang small in the middle)

Getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding!!

Practicing the dance moves

Srey Kim — Trucker Style

Srey Leap

Polin wearing her brother’s hat (David)

More wedding preparation…

Boys being boys… throwing in a brick on a string and it got
stuck! Ha!!

Heing (Peanut Smalls)


Samnang Small, Me, Srey Mean, Rebekah, Heing, Kristen, Srey Hang

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