Can’t Compete with Pigs on Moto

Today was ‘Be A Star’ day with the kids. A few of my AMAZING teammates put together a day full of sing-a-longs, crafts, and fun performances. The kids loved the songs with dancing and hand motions and I must confess, I’m still humming a tune as I write this. We also made bracelets and necklaces with string and beads. The kids loved making them and they gifted some of them to us so I’m sure you all will get to see some.

After lunch we got to see a sure to be Oscar nominated play, which included Darrel as Goliath, tiny Noelle as David, Billy as King Saul, and Angie, Melanie, Emily and Lindsey as soldiers. Their acting chops need no polishing and I’m pretty sure I’m walking in the presence of future Hollywood legends. The kids got to guess the Bible story and then put on their own telling of a Bible story. Let me tell you, these kids know their Bible and loved acting their scene out.

Tonight we took the kids to a movie theater and saw How to Train Your Dragon. The excitement of the kids was so awesome. They loved the movie and we got them all hyped up on soda and popcorn. The best thing about this trip has been seeing the connections between us and the kids. Every day we form new bonds with these kids and they are really touching our hearts with their sweet hugs. We are now getting ready for tomorrow which is Carnival Day!!!

Oh, and you’re probably wondering about the name of this blog post. Today on our ride back from the orphanage, Stuart was in mid-speech when we spotted two very large, living pigs riding with a guy on a moto. Hence our catchphrase of the day muttered by our interrupted leader Stuart. Here’s a picture.


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