Slip & Slide… Cambodian Style!

Which I have to say, I like so much more than in the USA!  Ha!  So, what had happened was my team was to put on carnival day today.  Laura and most of the team set up the 3rd floor with tons of games and lots of prizes ready to be handed out… which will all have to happen tomorrow.  Because…

We had a bounce house!! Or, a bounce SLIDE!!! The kids sat extra well thru the devotional, although they inched closer and closer to the door trying to get outside.  After the devotion everyone went to the slide and wouldn’t leave it.  So, we changed plans from doing just the bounce house in the AM and then the carnival in the afternoon.  However, as soon as we got back from lunch someone turned the air back on to the bounce house and we didn’t have the heart to pull the kids (and adults) away.  Even the rain didn’t stop us… actually when it started raining the kids clapped.  And well… pictures speak louder than words:


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