Take another little piece of my heart…

Yesterday was SO GREAT!

Because the inflatable slide took over most of the day on Wednesday, our carnival team and sports teams were flexible and we combined both on Thursday! The kids could not have had more fun!
We started the day splitting up the kids into teams and teaching them that they have been chosen by God to be on His team. Each of the kids got a jersey with their team color and we even made team flags. We played lots of fun games like dizzy bat race and sack race and catch the bacon (ask Stuart!). We had a BLAST!
After lunch we went straight up to the carnival games. We had pin the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss, egg and spoon race, bowling, and many more! For every game they played, the lovely Laura supplied them with a fun little prize from candy to bubbles to beanie babies. The kids loved it!
At night we stayed to take the kids to dinner at KFC! Surprisingly the restaurant is fairly popular over here, but the kids had never been. This was only the second time they had been taken out to dinner, too. They ate so much chicken! After dinner we played, danced, laughed, and just enjoyed the time with the kids. One interesting thing to see has been how resourceful the kids are. Even after dinner they were collecting the chicken bones to give to the dogs and puppies at the orphanage.

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