"Amazing… and unbelievable…"

After I said goodbye to the team at the Siem Reap Airport (I’m staying a few extra days) and boarded the bus with Peter our translator and friend from New Life Church, I asked him a question. “So, what did you think about the team this trip?” He responded, “Amazing. And, um, how do you say… unbelievable.” He smiled as he said this and continued on. “The way each person loves the kids and wanted to be here in my country is unbelievable.” We talked about how the kids were blessed to have the team there over the last week and I explained to him, that it was really us who are blessed. We get to see God through the kids and it is amazingly beautiful.

After seeing the team in action the last week, conversations each day about our personal highlight of the day, and other conversations, I know that we are the ones who are blessed. Yes, we came here to love on the kids and to have a fun week with them, which we absolutely did. Yes, the words “so happy” were said repeatedly, laughs and giggles were heard so much, and we saw the biggest smiles ever. But we are the ones who were touched by these amazing kids and our hearts are changed because of them. We are truly the ones who are in love with 35 of the most amazing and unbelievable kids God created, and we are so blessed to have spent the last week loving them.
So thank you to my team for an awesome week… so many memories for all of us and more importantly, for the kids.
Thank you to all of you who have supported us… we wouldn’t have been here without your love, prayers, and support.
And thank you Jesus, in our hearts, for the opportunity to be your hands and feet here in Cambodia. Let us continue being lights shining for you and we pray the the kids will shine bright for you for all of their days.
Thank you Jesus, in our hearts. (Song in Khmer)



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