The Afterglow

Or maybe the opposite.  I’ve seen multiple emails come across from my team members talking about how much we all miss being in Cambodia.  I know that every time I go to sleep (which has been anytime I’m not at work — I blame jet lag) I dream of being back with the kids.  I am very jealous of Lindsay for getting to stay a week longer!

It’s hard to describe how the kids touch my heart every time I go.  BUT THEY DO.  I miss their smiles, their jokes, their hugs.  I miss hearing them say: happy, camera, game, videooooooo, battery.  I miss being someone who can demonstrate the love that God has for them, and for us.  I miss watching the interactions between our team.  And between our team and the kids.  I miss knowing that I’m in the middle of what God is doing in Cambodia, because I can see and feel he is doing something huge there.

I know I’ll be going back.

I mean, how can I NOT.

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