Cambodia Stats

So much of what we show on here is of the orphanage, obviously, because that is where we go.  And God has been good to the orphanage… a lot of work has been done by many, many people to make it what it is.

So much so, that it may be easy to overlook what surrounds the orphanage or to forget what we drive by to get there.

A house literally right outside the gate to the orphanage.

In Phnom Penh

We don’t know where our kids have come from but I have to believe that they know more about the world than I ever will. Very humbling.

Here are some stats from PBS:

  • Cambodia has a population of roughly 11 million people.
  • 84% live in rural areas. 
  • 42% are under 15 years old.
  • 29% are from 12 to 22 years old. 
  • 35% are literate. 
  • 95% are Theraveda Buddhists.
  • Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest nations, with a per capita GNP (gross national product) of $280 (1999).
  • More than a third of Cambodia’s people live below the poverty line, and two-thirds of the people have no access to clean drinking water.
  • The infant mortality rate in Cambodia is nearly 10 percent.
  • Agriculture is made more difficult by the presence of between 4 million and 6 million land mines. These painful reminders of the nation’s war-torn history are scattered throughout the countryside, where they still injure or kill as many as 90 people each month. More than 35,000 Cambodians are amputees as a result of land mine injuries.


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