Pray thru the Flooding

I was just reading in this in the Huffington Post that Cambodia is having some really bad flooding.  Like, 150 people have been killed so far, kinda flooding.  Pick’s Pointe also blogged about it. has more information about it.

Cambodia is a country that has a rainy season and a dry season but this is way past the ‘normal flooding’ they generally experience in the rainy season.  I have two friends who are teachers at an orphanage in Cambodia and the children at their orphanage have had to be displaced until the flooding subsides.  
Pulled from Pick’s Point blog, here are some great prayer points:
  • Please pray for the people who have to cross the river. During the dry season it is a mile and a half wide. Now it is much wider and the currents are very strong.
  • Pray that the river will rise no more.
  • Please pray for the safety of all the Cambodians, especially small children, living along the Mekong.

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