We are a mess!

It could be from lack of sleep, jet lag, or just being in a foreign land but this team was all sorts of hilarious today!!  There were so many things I could tell you about but let me just say:

  • One of us figured out the difference between sleeping medication and Malaria medication before breakfast
  • We have a whole new system for Cambodian “air quotes”
  • We love the word literally — “literally”
  • No, I’m not pregnant and the dress I wore today will be given to someone who actually is — literally.
  • Tuk tuks are still the best way to see the city
  • I somehow ruin pictures with my Barney-like awesomeness.  Don’t hate.
  • Our catch phrase today: so, on Sunday…

It was great to grow as a team and for us to use our humor to connect.  Also, I think Alex thinks we are crazy.  I’m just sayin…

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but I know many of my teammates had their cameras out today so hopefully you will be seeing some amazing shots.  I promise you I will hand my camera off to some kids tomorrow so there will be more pictures from me than you can handle 😉

I seriously can’t thank everyone who has contributed to this team in any and every way.  We would NOT be the same without everyone who is here and I am learning so much from my teammates. I know how blessed I am.  God is so good!!


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