Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

What an amazing day! We were up and out early for church at 730am. Church is awesome because they have head phones for us that translate as people speak and most of the songs. Pastor Vek speaks with such passion and conviction. The theme of today was confidence and used Phillipians 4:10-13 and Acts 4:13.

We also got to the orphanage today and got to sit with the kids through their church and listen to them sing. Like most kids in church they figet and count things in the room all while keeping an ear open to the service.

After that we broke out the games- which they love. Trouble, connect four, checkers, and puzzles seem to be among the best for the universal language of kids (and adults that lose to kids at Connect Four and checkers!)

For dinner we were able to take them out of the orphanage (big deal) but to dinner at KFC (huge deal). These kids love love love KFC and chowed down. Little Kim who is probably 50lbs or less soaking wet ate from what we actually saw three things of French fries, two sodas, and three chicken breasts. Mind you – that’s what we could count who knows what else she packed away!!!! To see their faces light up when that fried chicken came out – I can’t remember being that excited about something like that in a long time. We’ll be posting some pics so you can see them for yourself but its a fantastic thing to see how we can bring such joy to these children who have no patents and very little. Thank you thank you for everyone’s donations, support, and positive thoughts!


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