Facing Fears

Today I faced a MAJOR fear… I gave a lesson in front of a group of people.  Today was my day to give the curriculum to the kids.  It was great to be able to share a message that was given at my church and that really affected me.  And the rest of my team member seemed to think the kids really understood what I was trying to get across… that God can make up for the things that were unavailable in their past and he can be trusted for the success of their future.  And, it never hurts to have a demonstration using Skittles…

The Curriculum

Eating the demonstration

Smey loves Skittles

After the curriculum each kid was given a canvas to paint on.  They were asked to use it as a collage to express how God has been working in their life to fill in what was unavailable in their past and we got some pretty amazing results.

God has been giving us reminders lately of the backgrounds that these children come from.  Some of them were dropped off by ox cart, by themselves.  Very alone and very scared.  And to see what God has done to fill in for what was unavailable in their past just a miracle that only God can do.

After the business lunch previously mentioned, we came back to the orphanage to just spend time with the kids.  We played Minute to Win It games, made scrap books, and played games.

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It

Scrap Book Making

And what would this blog post be with a few random pictures…

Smey, Pichhing, Seinghai


Me with Rothanak



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