I actually cried

I’ve come 4 times and even though I’m sad every time I have to leave, I never cry on the last day.  Today, I got into the van and a few tears came out of my eyes.  I think my exact words were “I hate cry!!!!!”  Gotta love my KhmEnglish!

But, before that teary farewell, we had an amazing last day with our kids!  We invited the kids in the surrounding community in the AM and had games and treats for them.  After that we hung out, did some crafts and played some games again with just our kids.  Then we had a surprise party for Erin who’s birthday is Sunday!!!

Rothanak showing me love

Erin and I laughing about… something!!!


Front: Smey, Davan (aka Johnny) Back:  me and Seing Hai


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