Last Day in Phnom Penh/Banteay Meanchey Orphanage

So, our last day w/ “our” kids was yesterday. There was sadness but not a lot of tears, which I take to mean that we have come to a place where the kids trust us, are secure in our love for them, and know they will see us again. Each year I’ve been here there have been less and less goodbye tears and a lot more “Chooup kaneah chop chop,” or “See you soon!” We left EARLY EARLY EARLY this morning, drove to Battambang to pick up Alex (missionary/friend here), and drove to the Banteay Meanchey orphanage, which was the only orphanage not to have a team spend a week there. Those kids were stinking excited to see us! Here are a few pictorial highlights from the past 2 days:

Pichhing gives good hugs

Ratanak and Kristie (“Steeeve”) 
goofy Panarah

Joel, Pichhing, Heng

Davin, aka “Johnny”

Amber and Paly

construction team’s signature May 2011

Robb and Thearah, who has the biggest smile ever seen on a child’s face!

goofy cuddling

lots of kisses and hugs for Joel to take back to Billy Hall!

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