The final leg…

Hey everyone – so we just landed in Seoul South Korea and getting ready for the final leg back to Atlanta. I know I’ve been a little delayed on updating, but the girls have done such an awesome job, I’ve held off. I did want to give very one an update on the team and where things have landed on my end.

This has been such an outstanding trip for me and I am so very thankful to everyone who helped me along the way — in prayers, support and encouragement. My heart is so truly softened by the country of Cambodia and all these kids we have the privilege of serving! As we reflect the past 10 days and all that has happened I continue to remain in awe of what has happened. Through the sounds of laughter, giant smiles on faces and enormous hugs all week – the reality of what these kids have been through seems not to exist. Time seems to standstill an it is a beautiful thing! Our prayer for these kids was an opportunity for them to disconnect from their normalcy and just be – as we look back, I think our mission was accomplished.

For each of us, our hearts are truly breaking as the miles between us and Cambodia grow greater. These kids have just spent the past week soaking up everything we could give them and everyone of us wishes we had more time to Continue pouring into them.

God is moving in Cambodia and I feel so humbled to just be a part of it! May we continue to pray over each an everyone of these children and may God continue to prepare a way for us to continue to return so these kids know beyond a doubt – they are not forgotten, they are greatly loved!

Thank you again to everyone for another life changing trip for both me and the kids!


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