Highlights and reflections

Sometimes, like Joel always does, I like to process things externally. So as I’m sitting in Cambodia still, trying to get some work done, I find myself looking through pictures of last week, and reflecting on the impact we (hopefully) had on the kids. One of the things we hope had a lasting impact was to have Kristie give a shorter, simpler version of Justin Grunewald’s and Joel Thomas’s “skittle” talk. The basic gist is that God gifts each person differently; some may be good at school, others may be good at making people laugh. Each gift was represented by a different color of skittle. Skittles were poured into 2 different cups, according to each hypothetical person’s gifting. Neither cup was full at the end, and one was more full than the other. Then Kristie took a big bag of skittles (“God’s skittles”) and filled each cup till it was overflowing. The take-away is that God fills each of us up according to our needs. I had the privilege of watching the kids taking this in, and I really think it sunk it with them. A couple of the goofier kids really just wanted to each some skittles ๐Ÿ™‚ but I could tell they understood the message and we all prayed that it would have a profound impact on their hearts.
Kristie speaking w/ Phillip translating

The sweet byproduct of the skittles talk

Various pictorial highlights!

Joel and Rosa, the orphanage director’s daughter

Samnang (big), our resident artist

Another one of the big privileges we had last week was our business luncheon. Pastor Vek invited about 100 business leaders (including a 4-star general!) sponsored by the team and our supporters. Joel gave a talk about the impact God and his faith have had on his life and his business leadership. Then Pastor Vek followed up with a message and the opportunity to pray and enter into relationship with Christ. Out of 100 people, 66 said they prayed to receive the gift of Christ’s love! One guy wrote on his response card that he had been feeling empty in his heart for years, and that he was so ready for God to come into his life and fill him up! Props to Joel for allowing God to use him despite a language and culture barrier!

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Peanut being Peanut

Samnang big finding his inner woman through panty hose

Davin scrapbooking

Davin’s final product!

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