Back to the ‘Bodia with Billy Kleinhoff

Well, here it is almost summer 2012 and we are headed back on behalf of Global X missions to Phnom Penh. Our twelve person team is preparing to continue the work it begin years ago partnering with New Life Church and the orphanages it oversees. I am very much looking forward to this trip and seeing those smiles once again. Smiles that are pushing through a past of neglect, poverty and abandonment. The gratefulness these kids exhibit forces me to be reminded of how God created us…To love one another and to worship Him.

As for me personally right now life has slowed down quite a bit. Which is a great thing except I feel like I’ve gone 60 mph to zero in 2.5 days. Now it’s time to get out of relax mode and in to prep mode for the trip.  I just finished coaching my first year of competitive little league baseball. Two passions (kids and baseball) rolled in to one… what a fun season it was! And if I’m not coaching I’m watching plenty of major league baseball on TV.  Other hobbies of mine include playing guitar, working in the yard and reading whatever book a friend recommends.

Next on my ‘to do’ list will be helping this team raise plenty of financial support for the trip. Not an easy task … yet I’m so thankful for those of you who are supporting us in whatever way you can. As Stuart has mentioned below “we invite you to enjoy the ride with us”.  We can’t do this without you. If you are just now reading through this blog and feel you would like to donate please click here:
We’ll be ever so grateful…..

I hope that through this blog you may get to know us a little better and learn more about what it is we are doing half way around the world in support of these children!

About Me – Emily Rains

Heyy Y’all,
I am going back to Cambodia in July and I am so excited. I went last year and absoutly fell in love with the kids! I am so excited for this trip, and can’t wait to see my little orphans again. I am a junior in highschool and I am going on this trip with out any of my family members, but am so grateful for my amazing team, but i feel like family to them. I can’t wait!!!!! Pray for us ❤


Davan (aka Johnny) and Me

First I have to tell you how excited I am for this trip.  God has blessed me very much and I am counting down the days until I get to go back on my 5th trip to Phnom Penh.  My first mission to Cambodia was on the same trip as Stuart in 2009 (if you go back on this blog you will be able to see pictures from that first trip) and since then God has opened my heart to this country.  So much so, that when the mission trip is over I will be staying in Cambodia for two additional years to work with an organization called Asian Hope.

Other than my love for Cambodia, I really love spending time with family and friends, coffee, basketball or really anything that gets me moving around, travel, being at the beach, knitting, learning the Cambodian language, and being in front of a camera.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with the 10 other people on the team as well as everyone who will be partnering with us and following the journey on this blog.

This is going to be an exciting ride!!

Stuart & Noelle – Our Introduction, Your Invitation

Cambodia. 2012. July. It’s just around the corner – a very short corner. Noelle (she’s the one with the camera) and I (My name is Stuart and I’m the other one) are excited to be leading this team to Phnom Penh. This is Noelle’s 4th trip and my 3rd. Noelle had the privilege of falling in love with the kids in 2008. I had the same privilege in 2009. We have an amazing team this year – rich with talent and passion.  That’s one of the first things we want all the blog readers to know. We also want you to know a bit about the team that you are praying for, contributing financially to and  encouraging along the way. That’s the reason we’ve asked everyone on the team to post a photo and a short introduction.

So, here are a few things to know about Noelle: She loves the ocean, photography, our dog Gus, Disney, cooking, painting, exploring new cultures, creating and pretty much everything but bugs and processed food. When you read about her, she sounds cool, b/c she is.

I love being in the mountains, traveling, spreadsheets (really), learning about leadership, running, ultimate frisbee, our dog Gus, and competing at most anything (the irony is that I always lose to Noelle at games which is doubly infuriating b/c she doesn’t care about winning at all).

What we know about this trip is . . . is  . . . well, honestly we don’t know that much. Not yet. But what we do know is this: This trip promises to be life-changing for all of us – that includes our supporters if we will invest ourselves wholly into this thing. There’s no way we can come away unscathed by the depth of God’s love through the smiles of these kids if we will only give God an opening. So, we invite you to open up and enjoy the ride with us. Thanks for the privilege of doing life with you over the next few months!