Davan (aka Johnny) and Me

First I have to tell you how excited I am for this trip.  God has blessed me very much and I am counting down the days until I get to go back on my 5th trip to Phnom Penh.  My first mission to Cambodia was on the same trip as Stuart in 2009 (if you go back on this blog you will be able to see pictures from that first trip) and since then God has opened my heart to this country.  So much so, that when the mission trip is over I will be staying in Cambodia for two additional years to work with an organization called Asian Hope.

Other than my love for Cambodia, I really love spending time with family and friends, coffee, basketball or really anything that gets me moving around, travel, being at the beach, knitting, learning the Cambodian language, and being in front of a camera.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with the 10 other people on the team as well as everyone who will be partnering with us and following the journey on this blog.

This is going to be an exciting ride!!


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