14 hours and going strong

In baseball lingo, we have made it to the “cutoff” man. The long leg of our flight is behind us. Our journey started at 10:00 am as most of us got our first taste of the new international terminal. As you would expect for a facility that is barely 2 months old – it felt like a nice upgrade over the domestic terminal.

We had lots of family members come to see us off. It was a privilege to have Andrew and Solomon pray for us as a team before we headed to security. Once on the other side of security we had a short delay before taking off around 1:30. 
It’s now 5:00 AM in Atlanta, so 19 hours after we first arrived at the airport, we still have another 6 hour flight ahead of us. Somehow after 14 hours to Seoul, 6 hours has never seemed so short!
So here are a few pics from the day:
Sara and Robbie rockin’ the GlobalX tee:

Kristie as she says good-bye to the US for a couple years:

Korean Air making covet as we walk through First Class and Business Class on our way to our 14 hour home on the back of the bus. For the record, as coach goes, Korean Air is amazing. So grateful for that!

They don’t look like triplets, but Billy, Darrel and Kristie act like triplets as they are all smiles in row 32 before the flight takes off.

Just a view for row 31 as we hit Korean air space.

The team is in great spirits – just anxious to get to Phnom Penh and see the kids. More to come as soon as we can. Our flight takes off from Seoul in 30 minutes.  Thanks for your prayers, financial support and emotional support. We’ll do our best to give you the play by play every day!

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