First and foremost, we are here. We are safe and grateful for a very easy, albeit long, travel day. Now that the basic stuff is out of the way, here’s a quick recap of our arrival to Phnom Penh:

As a team we checked 21 bags to go along with 15 or so carry on bags. Needless to say it took some logistics to keep track of all the goodies that we brought for the week. As soon as we made it through immigration, our team went to work – as if it had been doing this team luggage thing each and every week since last year. Darrel immediately went to grab multiple luggage carts. Melanie and Billy started pulling bags off the conveyor and one by one everyone else pitched in without having to ask for directions at all. Presto – all 35+ bags accounted for.

Customs was a breeze. As we make our way to the exit, before we even see the kids, we start to hear shouts of “Daaarrrrreeeeellll”, “Kristeeee”, “Melanie” and on and on. Considering that we are about 9 gazillion miles from home, it sure did feel as if we were at a homecoming. There were probably a dozen or so kids here to welcome us, hug us, grab our bags, hold our hands, etc. No matter how often we come, the hospitality still blows us away.

I’m fairly certain that we all would have made the effort for just the airport experience. And, I’m just as sure that all of us are soooooo glad that we have another full week with the kids before we start to think about heading home.

Lots of photos to come, but for now, it’s 1:30. Breakfast is at 8:00 and I definitely don’t want to miss that.  Thanks for checking in on us. So grateful for you guys.


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