It’s morning again in Phnom Penh . . .

Due to the cloud cover, it’s surprisingly cool here this morning. We miss the blue skies, but are more than grateful for the cooler temps. Darrel and Chris got up early for a run before breakfast. The rest of us made it down just in time for the “traditional” Riverside Cafe breakfast. From omelettes and smoothies to french toast and much bacon. It was a filling meal after 24 hours of airplane food.

As we look around the city we see signs of growth everywhere. From the thousands of motos bustling up and down the roads, to the cranes dotting the skyline – it looks as if Phnom Penh is growing. We love seeing that. We’ll hear more later this morning as we do a quick tour of the city.
First stop will be S21 (Tuol Sleng). This is the genocide museum that we visit every year. And, every year, it is gut-wrenching to stand face-to-face with Cambodia’s horrific past. The flipside is that it always grounds us in the harsh reality of a generation growing up for the most part without adults to look up to.
Afterwards we will head to the Phnom Penh orphanage where all the kids from all three orphanages (Battambang and Battam Meachey) will have gathered in preparation for the beach trip tomorrow.
That’s about it for this morning. It has been so fun to get Sara and Robbie’s “new eyes” as well as to benefit from Chris Chung’s perspective of having lived here for the past 18 months. Chris, Philip Chung’s son, is a recent high school graduate who is an honorary team member. He served with us last year as well. So fun to get to see him again!

One thought on “It’s morning again in Phnom Penh . . .

  1. I am excited to hear more! You are all loved and thought of OFTEN! Please love on the kids for me too and let them know I miss them and send my hugs! Praying for adjustment and connection and unity, and knowing you will see beautiful evidence of His love and joy!

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