Off to the Beach . . .

We had a fantastic time at the orphanage yesterday – as all three Cambodia teams and all the kids from all three orphanages gathered on Sat afternoon. It was essentially a “free play” afternoon. When we first arrived, the reunions were so much fun to be a part of and to watch. It’s such a treat to see and experience these long distance relationships that continue to grow each year. Here are a few pics from yesterday:
Huo and Samnang. Huo is the one with the backpack. As soon as you get off the bus, one of the kids grabs your backpack everytime. Their rationale “We are so happy you are here we just want to serve you.”

Being led through the banana tree “grove.” This was my first time on this part of the orphanage grounds. My escorts were Huo, Rathanak, Pannha and Michael (Huo being furthest away).

Huo and Kim work on the Rubik’s cube. Huo worked all afternoon on it. We’ll see if we can’t get it solved on the bus ride to and from the beach.

A tired team heads to the Blue Pumpkin for dinner. It was close and familiar. We had planned on a more traditional dinner, but the 6:15 “call time” this morning caused us to re-think our plans.  You can tell the 20-somethings and teens on our team – they are the ones texting and emailing all through dinner =) What you can’t see is Chris (across the table from Christina and Emily) doing the same thing on his phone. When Melanie (at the other end of the able also on her phone) told the other three the wireless code, it was like they had won the lottery!

Just a random shot of some Blue Pumpkin marketing. Last year this was Emily’s favorite place. So we were more than happy to check it out again.

Ok time to get moving. Bus is arriving in less than an hour . . .We’ll try to update  you from the beach, but wireless is not a guarantee there. Worst case is that we are back online Monday morning Atlanta time.  Grateful for the way you guys continue to support us and bathe us in prayer!


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