Highlights . . .

Ok, so it has not been the most successful blogging experience ever. Between a crazy busy schedule each day and sketchy internet connectivity from the hotels at night . . .just sayin’. Having made our lame excuse, give us a chance to make up for it with “photo-palooza” while we wait in Seoul for our flight home.  Here’s a quick look back at our week in Cambodia. In short, it was an incredible week. 
Garrett, Sara, Kristie, Christina, Marcie, Emily & Melanie at the beach.

All the guys from all three July teams. 

Not sure that racing teenagers is a good idea for a middle-aged man.
The silver lining:  no pulled hammy

Samnang (big) taking a breather from playing at the beach.
Kim Chai making  ice cream! These kids loved it (of course). Yes, I will take a side of brilliant smiles with that main course of vanilla ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup.
Samnang (little) enjoying some ice cream as well! 
The only consequence of home-made ice cream is frozen fingers. 
Billy found the perfect way to warm his hands up: Kristie’s head.
Darrel in his element as an English Teacher. The kids loved him – especially Hieng!
Garrett and Srey Mean hanging out during a break.

Christina and Garrett taking in Phnom Penh from a Tuk Tuk.
Pony showing off her prayer box. The kids loved having a place to store all their letters and photos. The boxes were the brilliant idea of Robbie and Sara.
Michael & Hieng making fruit “sushi” out of fruit roll ups, 
bananas, coconut and other yummy perfection! 
Narin loving him some fruit sushi!
The water park turned all of us into big kids.
Emily loving on Che Sda while at the water park on Wed afternoon.
Reksmey working on his Tie-dye shirt. 
Tie Dye Shirts Completed: Narin and Seinghai proudly wearing 
theirs the next day during worship.
Davan showing that the Tie-Dye shirts were popular with lots of the kids!

English lessons. These would be turned into keynote presentations by the end of the week – with each kid presenting in English to the rest of the kids. 
Rathanak working on his English.

Paly practicing English, too.
Chea showing off her English. In any language, this is one cool girl!
Narin having fun at the “Photo Booth.”
Kim Chai and Srey Lin striking a pose.
Robbie and Samnang (big) putting the finishing touches on his picture frame.
Billy and Srey Nang. Let’s just say that Srey Nang had a “tiny” crush on our friend, Billy.
Sara working with Srey Het and Samnang on their picture frames.

Oodles of creativity oozing out of every single one of these 
kids as evidenced by the picture frames that they made.

KFC! These kids can put away some Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders would have been proud! 
Seinghai and Rathanak posing with Melanie at KFC.
 Marcie showin some pictures from home to Kim Chai and 
Pony while waiting on dinner to arrive at KFC.

Srey Mom and Srey Leap at KFC.

Having fun after a great dinner at KFC! 
 Chean, Srey Het, Davan and Rathanak enjoying some good ole sugar water.

Stuart saying good-by to Huo, Samnang (big) and Rathanak.

Gropu photo of all the kids just before we said good-bye.

Can’t go to Cambodia without stopping to see Angkor Wat. 
Darrel posing at the back gate.
 Marcie and Garrett getting a lift from one of the elephant “guides.”


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